Webflix Solutions

Ever had a dream to be the best in e specific field? If yes, then we share a common dream!

At Webflix Solutions we strive to be the best in what we do! We work in the fields of web, eCommerce and mobile development, marketing and all the adjoining services. We’ve gathered a team of professionals in their respective spheres and want to show our capabilities to the world.

Webflix Solutions was founded in Ahmedabad by Kushal Shah who excels in both the technical and management side of the business.

Kushal has a Bachelor degree in Information Technology (BE) and MBA in Sales and Marketing, which is the foundation of his current profile. As an extrovert, he completed a face to face consulting training which improved his communication skills widely. With a great deal of experience in Business Development for IT companies Kushal is following his dream to be a credible and respectable entrepreneur.

Following the strive for excellence of our founder; Webflix Solutions is a company that shines with modern ideas, top-notch execution and thought for the future life/maintenance of the product. We work on our client’s projects as they are our own, from the initial research, to development and  any needed maintenance after the launch of a product/service.

Web Design
Web Development
Mobile Application
Digital Marketing

Why us ?

Choose Webflix Solutions if you want to hire someone who shares the same work enthusiasm as you. We are professionals who follow the modern technological trends and methods and know what is good for your project.

Involving our customers into the decision making process allows us to avoid misunderstandings when production has already started. Our pricing models are transparent and contain no hidden costs. Choosing us means that you are serious about your business!